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LnG Capsule Review

lean n green slimming capsule

It is very difficult if you are diagnosed to have stomach ulcers. There are a lot of foods that I can’t eat because the hyperacidity causes excruciating pain in my stomach, not to mention the ever present threat that my ulcers will start to bleed. Definitely, coffee is one of those prohibited foods. This puts me in a major dilemma. I’m overweight.

There are slimming coffees that I want to try, but can’t drink because it will aggravate my ulcers. One such product that I was so desperate to try out was Lean N Green’s slimming coffee, especially after hearing from neighbors how good it tastes.

Thankfully, the person in our subdivision who is selling the Lean N Green products said that if coffee is a no no for me, I should try the slimming capsule instead. It was through this individual that I got to learn more about Lean N Green. I never realized that the company is Filipino. All the more reason that I should trust this product, since they will adhere to the strict regulations of the country’s Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD), and it’s also approved by the FDA. I was quickly sold on the ingredients as well – a combination of fat burners with antioxidant properties and detoxifying agents. I just had to try it out.


I drank Lean N Green Capsule twice a day. Well, I will be honest enough to say that, in capsule form, the product didn’t work as fast as the coffee variety, although I am relieved that it didn’t trigger my hyperacidity. After one week of regular intake though, I noticed that my bowel habits are becoming regular. Unlike before when I would experience a day or two of constipation, now I move my bowels once a day. Definitely a huge relief, given the fact that I hate the heavy feeling in my belly.


One thing I liked about Lean N Green Capsule is that, to me, it seems to act like a multivitamin. I get very tired often. But since I started taking Lean N Green, I am more active and alert. Since I work in marketing and I have to deal with a lot of people, I noticed that my stress levels have gone down and I am more capable of dealing with my clients of varying temperaments.

It was after taking the capsules for two months that I noticed that I lost a pound. I was told by my neighbors that they lost more than a pound with the coffee. I don’t really have a problem with my weight, so Lean N Green Capsule is something I would recommend for those who need to maintain their weight.

If you are suffering from hyperacidity and ulcers like and want to lose or maintain your weight, you should try out Lean N Green Capsule. This is the one product that I’ve seen that is not only effective, but will also not produce any untoward side effects like other slimming products in the Philippine market today.